For aspiring Barristers, budding researchers or people who just enjoy combining legal research with public speaking then mooting is the competition for you!

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Mooting Tournament. Use the link below to register your interest!

Use the following links to access the Mooting PowerPoint that was presented during the workshop, the rules of the LSA mooting competition, and  the Mooting problem itself which we'd like to thank Dr Dominique Moritz from the USC School of Law for providing this year's question.

What is Mooting?

A ‘moot’ is simulated court proceeding – generally at an appellant level – that places two teams against each other arguing each side of a legal dispute. A hypothetical scenario is provided several weeks prior to the moot, which contains the factual circumstances and legal issues surrounding the matter. Teams must first construct their written argument to submit to the judges and opponents prior to the moot (at least 24 hours). Teams are then required to stand up argue the merits of their case in order to persuade a judge or panel of judges to rule in their favour. Teams are scored on the quality of their:

  • written submissions;
  • legal knowledge;
  • response to questions from the bench; and
  • courtroom etiquette.

People who moot develop extensive skills in oral communication, legal writing and research, advocacy, court procedure and etiquette, and teamwork. Whether you have a career in advocacy in mind or not, mooting considerably advances each competitors’ understanding, application and knowledge of the law.

“The most beneficial and enjoyable part of Mooting was how much a real life experience was created, which even as a first year, begun the development of my practical legal skills. Mooting is an opportunity not to be missed and I would highly recommend it to all law students of any experience level.” – Patrick Plumb, first year law student in 2016.

If you would like to know more about the competition, please contact the VP of Competitions, Sara de Haan via .