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Welcome to the USC LSA

A word from the President

I am delighted to welcome you to the USC Law Students’ Association’s (USC LSA) website.

As the peak body for law students at USC, being a member offers you opportunities to expand your social and professional networks, apply your skills in competitions, work experience or job opportunities and access educational resources and prospects outside your university curriculum.

The USC LSA enjoys a fantastic relationship with the USC Law School and maintains open communication with the School in all matters for law students, acting as an advocate body for members and non-members alike.

The Sunshine Coast Law Association (SCLA) has been a powerful supporter of the USC LSA since the latter began in 2014. I highly recommend every USC law student become a member of the SCLA for the duration of their university career.

A unique experience USC law students have is available through undertaking the course LAW311 – Law Professional Practice. This course is aimed at giving students an experience of day-to-day legal practice in a supervised educational environment, and offering them credit towards their degree. The Suncoast Community Legal Service hosts this course each semester, and every student, regardless of experience, grade point average or aspirations will gain something from it. Again, I highly recommend you make the most of this unique practical experience at some stage in your studies. 

In 2018, the USC LSA has even more great initiatives planned, and I would love to see all of you there.

Please feel free to introduce yourself if you see me around campus, I’m always keen for a chat.


Callum Lee, President

(30 November 2017)